• Genetic tendency
  • Hormonal reasons
  • External factors
  • Seasonal conditions
  • Air pollution
  • Tiredness
  • Stress
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Some chronical diseases and some medicines
  • Improper hair care
  • Hair cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals
  • Pregnancy


Genetic Tendency

The genes responsible from alopecia can come from the mother or father. It can affect both genders. But we should indicate that not everyone who carries the responsible gene or genes will experience hair loss. A gene must be identified in all of the body to get active, and being identified depends on many factors like hormones, age, stress level, etc. Therefore, if a person does not experience hair loss, it is because one of these two reasons: Either that person does not have the gene, or the gene has not been identified. The gene or genes that are responsible from androgenetic alopecia by themselves alone, cannot be discovered yet. But scientists suspect that these genes play a role in the synthesis of male hormones, 5-Alfa reductase enzyme, and the androgen receptors in the hair roots. These are thought to be the most important factors in male pattern hair loss. 5-Alfa reductase enzyme turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is harmful testosterone for hair. DHT shows its effect by attaching the androgen receptors in the hair roots.


Hormonal Reasons

The hormones responsible from androgenetic alopecia are male hormones, also called androgens. Two different androgens play a part in the hair loss, these are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The mission of 5-Alfa reductase enzyme is to turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT can easily attach all types of androgen receptors and show its intense effect. Testosterone also has an effect on the hair roots, but it is much more weak than DHT’s. Therefore, we could say that 5-Alfa reductase is the key enzyme of androgenetic alopecia.

When these two hormones interact with the receptor on the hair roots, they cause some changes on the hair that covers scalp. The growth rate of terminal hairs gets short by time. But the span of anagen and catagen phases stays the same. As a result, the number of hairs in resting phases increases. Their normal %10 ratio goes up to %20. And the more hairs in resting phase means the more hairs that fall. Affected hair roots get short and thin. And they grow shorter and thinner hair.

Androgen receptors on hair roots are more sensitive in the people that losing their hair. This causes androgens that are present at normal level in the blood, to affect hair roots more. 5-Alfa reductase enzyme shows higher activity in the areas where hair loss is experienced. Therefore, more testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone in these areas. The more high is the dihydrotestosterone to testosterone ratio, the faster the hair falls.


External Factors

The sun, heat, air pollution, water pollution, and too much calcium in water causes dandruff and hair loss. Also, hair, hair scalp, and skin are loaded with negative electricity. Therefore, external factors that loaded with positive electricity clings onto hair and hair scalp. Harmful external factors that cling onto hair causes hair loss.


Seasonal Conditions

High temperature and ultraviolet lights cause hair shaft to wear out and eventually, fall off. Also, sudden changes in temperature cause hair loss since they affect hair and hair scalp.


Air Pollution

Harmful matters that clings onto hair or scalp causes hair to get dirty and triggers hair loss. Also, some factors like the wind, causes hair loss complaints to increase.



Actually, tiredness is not a cause of hair loss, but a symptom of the body is deficient in some substances like vitamins and minerals. If the hair cannot get the nutrition it needs, it becomes weak and eventually falls off.


The connection between skin diseases and stress and psychology has known all along. A person can experience a dermatologic problem because of personal troubles. Similarly, a skin disease, hair loss, for example, can cause psychological or social problems to a person because it damages body image. Therefore, there are two types of relations between hair loss and stress:

1. Without a physical reason, stress can trigger hair loss.

2. A person can experience psychological difficulties when they experience hair loss.


Alopesi Areata (Spot Baldness)

It is the hair loss that forms in circular shapes about the size of a coin. It can occur in both genders. In many cases, it gets better on its own. Stress plays a role in this problem. The real reason of hair loss after stress is the complex interaction of the psycho neuroendocrine system and the immune system. Immune system acts with the influence of psychological events and hair loss occurs.


Unhealthy Eating Habits

It is the most important factor that affects human life. It also affects hair health negatively. It can cause hair loss, as well as it can cause other diseases in the body.


Some Medicines That Used to Treat Some Chronic Diseases

A lot of medicines can suppress hair growth. Hair follicles are the areas where blood flow is high. Any medicine that is in the body arrives hair follicle by blood. If you use this kind of medicines for too long, or if it affects hair roots intensely, you can lose all your hair.

1. Cancer medicines
2. Thallium that you took accidentally or to commit suicide
3. Over taking vitamin A
4. Synthetic retinoids that you took orally
5. Heparin
6. Fluconazole
7. Birth control pills

Improper Hair Care

Factors like perm, bleaching, hair dye, straightening, blow-drying cause damage to the hair’s keratin. Applying this kind of treatments frequently weakens hair and breaks it.

Heat is one of the main factors that affects hair health negatively. Therefore, hot treatments should not be used frequently, or the hair shaft would be damaged. This makes dust, dirt, and harmful substances cling onto your hair more and make it look dirty.

Intense stretching of the hair forces hair roots. Therefore, hair should not get stretched while blow drying. Also, frequently tying hair tight and from the same place, might cause hair loss by affecting hair roots mechanically. Washing hair frequently causes damage to hair roots, and that ends with hair loss. Choosing the correct daily-use shampoo that is compatible with your hair type, prevents this from happening. Towel-drying hair before combing might damage your hair. It is suggested to touch your hair gently with a towel. Also, the various roughness in combs or brushes. To minimize the damage, you should pick wide tooth combs. And dry hair should be moist or wet when combing because it gets break easily by its nature.


Hair cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals
Incorrect styling methods and active ingredients in chemicals cause the hair to get damaged and fall off. Factors like perm, bleaching, hair dye, straightening, blow-drying cause damage to the hair’s keratin.


Cosmetic Treatments

1. Shampoos you use to clean your hair: Shampoos in the market have different formulations. Commercially, they have different names: shampoo for normal hair, dry hair, oily hair, color-treated hair, etc. But for example, shampoos formulated for oily hair cause the hair to go dry if used daily.

2. Hair-dyes: They might be harmful since they can cause rough, dull, easily broken hair.



The hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy or 2-3 months after when you have started to use birth control pills, trigger hair loss. Hair loss is also triggered with giving birth, when the estrogen hormone which is very high during the pregnancy, diminishes suddenly. And Women who use birth control pills could experience hair loss when they stop using it. Also, after menopause, hair become thinner and less. And this condition increases with time.