• Nourishes hair.
• Helps hair to grow healthy.
• Makes hair healthy and shiny.
• Helps repairing split hair.
• Removes static hair.
• Strengthens hair.
• Makes your hair straight, and keeps it straight for a long time.


• Deep Cleansing Shampoo
• Straightener Cream
• Hair Treatment Shampoo
• Hair Mask
• Treatment Serum
• Hair Milk


• Formaldehyde Free
• SLS Free
• Keratin +
• Biotin +
• Aloe Vera +
• Vitamin E

Application Guide

Safety Instructions

• Use the gloves that come with the package.
• Avoid eye contact. In case of contact rinse with water.
• Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.
• For external use only. Do not swallow. If you do, immediately ask for medical help and bring the product or product label with you.
• Keep away from children.

Allergy Test

If you think you are highly sensitive to this kind of products, apply it to a small area on your wrist first. Do not use the product in anyway if you notice an irritation.


Do not use the products for 15 days before and after you dyed your hair.

Instructions For Use

1. Clean your hair thoroughly two times with deep cleansing shampoo. Take the excess water gently from your hair with a towel. Do not apply any hair product.2. Tie your hair properly when it is still moist and beginning with the roots of your hair, apply straightening cream with the help of a brush. Then spread it to all your hair with a fine comb. With a plastic wrap or a like matter, cover your hair in a way that will prevent it from getting contact with air. Dry your hair for maximum 30 minutes with a blow dryer around 30-35 degrees.

3. Straight your hair with a blow dryer with the help of a brush.


4. Heat your flat iron up to 180-200 degrees for thin hair, 220-230 degrees for thick or curly hair. Starting from the nape, straight your hair by passing the heat from upward to the downward direction 8-10 times.

5. Rinse your hair thoroughly.

6. Apply hair mask by gently massaging your scalp. Wait for five minutes, then rinse.

7. Dry your hair from upward to the downward direction with a hair dryer.

8. To make the treatment effects last longer, it is advised to use Dr. EA treatment shampoo, hair mask, hair serum and hair milk at home.