What Do We See & What Is Happening?/

Aging signs when life still goes on – First signs of aging start with fine lines, loss of the shine and elasticity. These signs occur when the metabolism of skin cells gets slower, and especially with the continuous attacks of the free radicals that triggered by the exposure of sun rays. – Then the lines get deeper, and the skin loses its firmness. These signs mean the hyaluronic acid and collagen which are the basic elements for dermis, are decreasing.

– Mature skin loses its density, shine, and smoothness. With time, the synthesis of the basic elements of skin gets slower.

– Elements like hyaluronic acid and collagen get decreased. Skin becomes more fragile and saggy.

– Skin type turns to dry and natural synthesis of skin lipids get decreases.

It is Vital To Take Precaution/

We might not be able to slow the time, or we might not escape from life stress. But we can do something about photoaging which gets triggered by the exposure of ultraviolet rays and responsible from %90 perfect of the aging process. One should avoid exposure to the sun starting from their birth. Of course, it is never late to do what is right. Avoiding photoaging mean using sunscreens, being careful about exposing to the sunlight, wearing suitable clothes, wearing hat and sunglasses. Keep in mind that children younger than three years old, should not be exposed to direct sunlight.