• Introduction
• Basics of Hair
• Active Ingredients
• Application Guide


Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept, which offers high quality and high performance is a professional hair straightening set, created with an innovative approach. It is designed with the aim of keeping hair straight after a straightening treatment. Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept, contains extra components like keratin, biotin aloe vera, and vitamin E. These components, does not only straighten hair curls, also makes the hair healthy and shiny. Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept is specially formulated to meet every person’s need, to be used for all hair types, textures, volumes, and lengths.

What is Dr. EA Hair Treatment?/

While Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept ensures the effects of hair straightening treatment will last, it also revives your hair and keeps in it good condition.


• Makes hair straight, and keeps it straight for a long time. (Up to 3 – 6 months depending on the hair structure.)
• Helps repairing split hair.
• Removes static hair.
• Helps hair to grow healthy.
• Makes hair healthy and shiny.
• Nourishes from root to the end.
• Strengthens.

What Does Hair Treatment Set Include?/

The set includes six professional products designed for all hair types and is practical to use.

Basics Of Hair/

The success of Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept products depends on understanding the natural structure of hair, as well as the techniques chosen by the hair stylist.


This section explains the basic structure of hair, it’s specific characteristics, and their role in straightening process.


As Dr. EA, we believe understanding the structure of your customers hair, is only the beginning of the overall hair styling and straightening process.

Healthy hair strand

A hair strand has three sections: Cuticle, Cortex, and Medulla.


Cuticle: It’s the outer layer of hair. It protects the inside of hair with its scale-like, over lapping cells. A healthy cuticle makes hair look strong and shiny.


Cortex: It is the center of the hair that consists of keratins lie along the length of the hair. It gives characteristics like elasticity and curl.


Medulla: It is the core of the hair, though not every hair has it. It does not have a known function.

Unhealthy hair strand


The shape of the hair is determined in part by the shape of the hair follicle. At this point, we can talk about the existence of four different hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and very curly.

Understanding the pattern of your customers hair helps you to chose the right technique that will meet your customers expectations.

Hair Characteristics/


It refers to the diameter of the hair strand. Deciding the thickness of the hair by touching it or visually examining it will show you what the hair can and cannot do on its own. Understanding the texture of your client’s hair is vital when deciding how many times you should use the flat iron.


It refers to the active hair follicles per square centimeter on the scalp. There are three types: Thin, Medium and Thick. Understanding the density of your customer’s hair will help you decide how much straightener cream you should use in the straightening process.


It refers to the hair’s ability to absorb and hold water. Chemicals used on hair, tools like comb and brush, and some environmental factors can damage hair and cause harm to this ability. Accurate judgment of the hair’s porosity before straightening process is critical. Porosity affects hair’s durability and the number of required flat iron passes


How Straightening Works

To be able to understand how Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept products works, one should understand the basic chemical structure of hair first.

Hair consists of amino acids, and with hair growth, amino acids come together to form the long chain called keratin. These keratin chains wrap around each other and form the basic hair structure.

Keratin forms covalent bonds with adjacent cysteine bonds to create the outside structure of the hair.The amount and location of these cysteine bonds is a determining factor of hair’s curl rate. Usually, the more cysteine and disulphide bonds hair contains, the more curly hair becomes.


Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept, rearranges these bonds. Hydrolyzed keratin and glyoxylic acid plays the most active role in hair straightening process. They work together simultaneously to create strong bonds among keratin proteins and hair fiber.


When these bonds are processed with high heat, a long-term straightening affect is obtained. And hair stylists will still have the chance to apply other services after the straightening treatment, because this treatment does not change the inner structure of the hair.

Active Ingredients/

Key Components

Hydrolyzed keratin and glyoxylic acid are the key components of Dr. EA Hair Treatment Concept products. These components cross-links the hydrolyzed keratin to hair fiber, which holds the hair in desired shaped.

Hydrolyzed keratin is a very effective thermal protector and it protects the hair from the potential damage that a flat iron or blow dryer can cause. It is used to increase the manageability, and while it protects the shine, strengthens the cuticle.

This technology delivers the same results as formaldehyde systems without the harmful effects. And it is a great natural alternative ingredient for hair straightening.

Glyoxylic acid reacts with amino groups present in keratin and forms a bond that ensures the effect of the straightening treatment will last for a long time. This organic amino acid prolongs the effect of the straightening treatment without damaging hair or irritating skin.

Straightening Process

200 degrees coming from a flat iron or a blow-dryer, activates the key components to form a new bond in the hair fiber. This creates a more straight and shiny hair.

Below illustration shows how hair changes its shape during the straightening process.

Application Guide/

Safety Instructions

• Use the gloves that come with the package.
• Avoid eye contact. In case of contact rinse with water. • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.
• For external use only. Do not swallow. If you do, immediately ask for medical help and bring the product or product label with you.
• Keep away from children.

Allergy Test

If you think you are highly sensitive to this kind of products, apply it to a small area on your wrist rst. Do not use the product in anyway if you notice an irritation.


Do not use the products for 15 days before and after you dyed your hair.

Instructions For Use

1. Clean the hair thoroughly two times with deep cleansing shampoo. Take the excess water gently from the hair with a towel. Do not apply any hair product.

2. Tie the hair properly when it is still moist and beginning with the roots of the hair, apply straightening cream with the help of a brush. Then spread it to all the hair with a fine comb. With a plastic wrap or a like matter, cover the hair in a way that will prevent it from getting contact with air. Dry the hair for maximum 30 minutes with a hooded dryer around 30-35 degrees.


3. Straight the hair with a blow dryer with the help of a brush.

4. Heat your flat iron up to 180-200 degrees for thin hair, 220-230 degrees for thick or curly hair. Starting from the nape, straight the hair by passing the heat from upward to the downward direction 8-10 times.

5. Rinse the hair thoroughly.

6. Apply hair mask by gently massaging the scalp. Wait for five minutes, then rinse.

7. Dry the hair from upward to the downward direction with a hair dryer.

8. To make the treatment effects last longer, it is advised to use Dr. EA treatment shampoo, hair mask, hair serum and hair milk at home.