Despite the hair loss, dandruff, itch, dryness, broken hair problems of covered hair, Dr. EA Anti – Hair Loss Shampoo for Sunless Hair with ginseng extract inside, helps your hair to look healthier. Nourishes your hair from the roots to the ends with Vitamin E inside. Contains natural minerals that your scalp needs to grow healthy hair. Helps hair that is left without the sunshine to find it’s balance back and brings back its former glory



Covered, sunless and airless hair becomes dull, thinner, damaged and broken. If the hair is left without air, it might cause hair loss, dandruff, itch, dryness and broken hair. Your hair loses its natural balance if it lacks the sunshine.

Advices For The Covered & Sunless Hair

  • Use shampoos that do not contain conditioners. Prefer shampoos without any oils, because oily shampoos speed the oil accumulation on the scalp. If the scalp is exposed to high temperature, that might increase the sebum production. Therefore, avoid washing your hair with hot water, use warm water instead.
  • Hair brush carries the sebum from roots to the ends. To prevent this, use a comb that is produced from natural materials instead of a brush.
  • Keep the rinsing process long as possible. Your hair should be completely free of shampoos and other hair care products.
  • Prefer shampoos specially developed for sunless hair.


It’s told that ginseng was much more valuable than gold in the old times. And it’s value has been proved itself once more with the advanced technology we have today. Ginseng is valuable not only for the field of health but for cosmetics as well.



  • Medical composites in ginseng are known as ginsenosides, which are steroid-like plant composites similar to human steroid hormones.
  • According to Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research of the University of Chicago, more than 20 ginsenosides have found.
  • Other chemicals that have Panax ginseng includes Vitamin B, volatile oils, flavonoids, and peptides.


  • Provides moist balance on the scalp with its rich minerals, softens hair.
  • Helps to regenerate cells, revives hair follicle, strengthens weakened hair and helps hair to grow.
  • With Vitamin D inside, it meets the vitamin need of the hair, makes hair voluminous and shiny.
  • Amino acid analogs act as messenger proteins inside cells to stimulate cell growth.
  • Ginseng is thought to be the most effective adaptogen of all healing plants.
  • According to a Chinese text from AD 1, ginseng is a mind empowering, knowledge and wisdom enhancing healing plant. And if used regularly, a life extender